Welcome to Twitch Factory, the game publisher founded by David Sheppard, myself.  Based in Central Illinois, finding local designers to play test with is easy but finding local publishers is hard.  Thus Twitch Factory was born as initially a Self-Publishing label for games by me.

The Indie Game Publisher Angle

As a company, Twitch Factory will focuses on lighter style games that newcomers and veterans of the industry can play alike with a focus on unique themes.  The rules of a Twitch Factory game should be simple while the decisions are the places the depth hides.

As a small publisher, Twitch Factory focuses on a three tiered approach to their releases.  The first tier is a traditional long print run, funded through Kickstarter and Spookre is the first flagship title under that banner.  The second tier is utilizing The Game Crafter.  These are games thought to be too niche or just not in the schedule for me to run a Kickstarter on.  This tier is slightly costlier due to the nature of Print on Demand services.  The final tier are Print and Plays.  Whether time, cost, or even being a design in active development, the Print and Plays made available are completely free for you to download, print, play, and even share provided the branding marks in the game remain intact.

I sincerely hope you enjoy what I am building here and hope Twitch Factory becomes one of those little indie company names you follow with interest.