Launching Twitch Factory 3.0

A brief history, since I'm doing this.

Twitch Factory was a company name a few friends and I thought of as we tried to develop a Schmup call Trinity Wing.  Turns out, making a game was hard and eventually this group drifted apart.  I asked one friend, who registered the name Twitch Factory if I could use it on my game design career and he said yes.  A couple years later...

Twitch Factory was a website on Wordpress.  This was around the time Imps vs. Puppies as well as Haiku were "signed" with fairly lesser known publishers.  With the help of Rob Seater, Haiku rushed further along on development whereas Imps vs. Puppies was experiencing my very first publisher stall.  Regardless, this blog kept my development notes and even a few reviews.

Twitch Factory 2.0 launched on WIX and once again focused on my various game designs in hopes of roping people into possibly publishing my games.  I also tried to get a depository of the various games I designed or were in development.  The regular maintenance and content creation for this website eventually overwhelming me and it languished to the side.

Twitch Factory 3.0 represents when I finally upgraded my status from a game designer, to a game publisher.  I needed a hub to promote Spookre and future Kickstarter Projects but also my various Game Crafter releases throughout the years.  It will also stand in as a forum hub to interact with my following, however small it may be for the time being.  So stick around and enjoy for a bit.